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Published on 2015-01-30 by Pedro Cardoso
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Published on 2015-01-30 by Pedro Cardoso
This feature is not working for me. I get the authorization request but neither the latitude nor the longitude shows a value.
Thanks in advance
Hello Bernadino

can you give us a little bit more details on this? Hard to help with so little information...
Thanks for replying and sorry I was in a hurry.
What I was saying is that I get the request to access to my location and I accept it. In the browser
I was looking inside the app and I found that the container should refresh and show the values of latitude and longitude and it's there were nothing happens. 

The values are not shown in screen nor the map.

Again, thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it


Hey, sorry for the late reply.

If you check the link "See my position in google maps!", the coordinates are in there, which means, the component is in fact getting your coordinates.

Hi, how does the GetPositionFullInfo web block work? I am trying to use it, I get the request to access to my location and I accept it  but i dont get any data.
I have created a screen where i put the GetPositionFullInfo web block whose inputs are:
              DelayTime: 0

              HighAccuracy: true

              MaxAge: 2000

In the Notify action i get the this message "{}" using NotifyWidgetGetMessage action.

Hi, Has anyone managed to make this feature work? I can't get any data to show on screen.