communication error

please teach me!!
i installation now.
but after clickin Service Studio9.0
'There was an error contacting Host Not Found'
What is Hostname? the hostname is't it?
Yes, that's the correct format.  Do you remember what you set as your hostname when you signed up for your cloud environment?  Maybe you made a typo when you created it?  Double-check everything.

Thank you Curt!!
The error I was resolved.
The input infomation was right.The issue was Service studid Proxy setting.


i am a new user..and i m getting error as host not found error as shown below..plzz give me a solution

Hello Shweta, 

When you enter OutSystems website and do the login, is your environment "green"? Like mine?

If not, what do you see in thhis screen?


Also, like the previous poster, did you set the right proxy settings (if needed)?

Hi Amjad,

Please don't post non-related questions, and in such an old topic! Best you contact OutSystems Support for this.