[Download & Deploy] [Download & Deploy] You are not allowed to use this API.
Forge component by Paulo Ramos

Based on the forge component I extended the Download & Deploy solution in order to create a Nightly Build on our Development environment.

I tested this solution successfully on my Personal test environment on the Outsystems Cloud, but when running this same version on the Enterprise edition's Development environment I get the following error on the Solutions.Download() action:
  • ssServiceCenter.ExcptNoPermission: You are not allowed to use this API. Please contact OutSystems in order to get access to this API.
  •    at ssServiceCenter.WebServices.Solutions.Download(String inWSSolutionName, Int32 inWSSolutionVersionId, String inWSusername, String inWSpassword, Int32& outWSSolutionDownloadOpId, Byte[]& outWSfile)

After discussing with Outsystems (which is stated in the error message) I got the following reaction:
  • The 'Solution' webservice from Service Center is not a supported API and exists for one of our internal use cases. According to this fact, there is no available documentation from OutSystems on this API.
  • The fact that you can use it on a Personal Environment relies on the fact that there are different configurations between Personal and Enterprise environments, however it is not expected that this API be used besides on internal use cases of the OutSystems Platform.
  • Currently there is no alternative to automate the process of creating and publishing solutions. For this reason, you have to do it on Service Center, manually.
This means that the [Download & Deploy] is no longer usable in the latest version of Outsystems (when running an Enterprise Edition).
Hi Remco,

Thanks for the feedback. It's possible this has changed in recent versions. Although the component detail page has a disclaimer regarding the internal APIs, I'll change the description to make it more visible.


I have been recently trying out this ("old", from version 8.0 :)) Forge component.

The fact that now it doesn't work with version P10 might be related to this breaking change that I found from 9.1 to 10 described in the documentation here:

Internal Network


Issue: The SOAP web services OutSystemsPlatform, PlatformServices_v7_0_0, PlatformServices_v8_0_0 and Profiler have been set to internal access only.

Stack: .NET, Java

Rationale: These internal endpoints are used for infrastructure managing purposes only. If the infrastructure has an Internal Network configured, the internal endpoints must also be affected by that configuration.

Workaround: If you have an Internal Network configured in your infrastructure and you are using the LifeTime, assure that:

  • The Internal Network definition in each environment includes the IP address of the LifeTime;
  • The Internal Network definition in the LifeTime includes the IP addresses of all environments.

We have LifeTime installed in a separate environment than the Development and Testing environments, and in OutSystems Enterprise Environments (*.outsystemsenterprise.com), as far as I know, it's not possible to configure the Internal Network in Service Center as the option is not available (Service Center / Administration / Security / Network Security).

I think now the way to go with a solution is: Update this "Download & Deploy" component to use the new "LifeTime Deployment API" since it is a documented / supported API from OutSystems.


Tiago Bernardo

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