Loading data into a Pie Chart

Hi there! 

I'm trying to follow your 12th tutorial in which you explain how a Pie Chart can be set up on a Dashboard. 

I'm running into two main difficulties:

1) In your video, you mention that a local variable has to be set and that this variable should be a Record List of DataPoints. I do not have the option in my project to make my local variable a Record List. I've gotten it right to make it a list of DataPoints, but why do I not have a data type called 'Record List'?

2) Then, in your video, you explain that in the preparation screen, we should drag in an action from the 'Charts' section in the Logic tab. We should drag in DataPoint_init. I do not, however, see that particular action in my project -- I only see DataPoint_GetClicked, AdvancedFormat_Init, XAxisFormat_init, YAxisFormat_init, ChartFormat_init. Where can I find DataPoint_init?

Thank you very much for your help.



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Hi Simone,

1) Though the SourceDataPoinList input parameter of the PieChart is of type DataPoint Record List, you can also assign it a DataPoint List - the platform will convert it for you.

2) DataPoint_Init is an action in the Charts eSpace. You can reference it like any other action from another eSpace.

1) There is not variable called "Record list" why ?

what should i do ?

2)when i am trying to set the value for "Element" field for "ListAppend" i dont get the "DataPoint_Init.DataPoint"

so not able to proceed.

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Hi Aswath,

I suggest you first learn how to properly use the Platform. It seems that you lack basic understanding of it, and as such, there's little I can do to help you. If you have specific questions about specific topics, I can guide you, but I'm not here to teach you stuff that you can learn from the training videos.

In Simple steps you can Add PIE chart in screen.

1. Create aggregate with required table you want

2. Now On which param you want to show pie chart. Add grouping to that.

3. Just access 3 params Label, Count, Color 

4. Add pie chart to screen and 

       1. Source will be Aggregate
       2. Label, Count, Color will be the params need to bind from out of aggregate.

And result will be

For more info You can check this: