Is there some online documentation for the command line options of ServiceStudio?

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is some online documentation for the command line options of ServiceStudio. I've checked some of the functions, but I do not understand some of the command line options.

For instance: 

-runTests <eSpace.oml>|<eSpaceKey> <output.xml> <hostName> <userName> <password> <tests>
-support [-hideMissing] [password [<espace.oml>]]

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

-recover <espace.oml>

very important one :)

Hi Remco,

As you probably figured, most of these parameters are for internal use so at this point we don't have any documentation on them...

Thanks for pointing this out! We'll cleanup this list and provide documentation on the ones that do make sense for our developers.


-buildNative <applicationKey> <applicationName> <hostName>
-cleanup <eSpace.oml> <output_file> [<productKey>]
-create NewApplication|NewMobileApplication|<templateKey> [-url <hostName>] [-userName <userName>] [-password|-encryptedPassword <password>]
-d <localESpace.oml> <foreignESpace.oml> <diffTextFile.txt>
-demoMode [<eSpace.oml>] [<hostName> <userName> <password>]
-diff <localESpace.oml> <foreignESpace.oml>
-downloadAndOpen -eSpaceKey <eSpaceKey> [-elementKey <elementKey>] [-url <hostName>] [-userName <userName>] [-password|-encryptedPassword <password>]
-export <eSpace.oml> <directory> xls|xlsx|resX [<output>]
-exportSettings settings.xml
-import <eSpace.oml> <resources.xls>|<resources.xlsx>|<resources.resX> [<output>]
-importResource <eSpace.oml> <resource file> [-override] [-deployAction ignore|copy] [<target directory>]
-importSettings settings.xml
-merge <localESpace.oml> <foreignESpace.oml> [ <baseESpace.oml> ]
-mergeModules <PlatformServicesHost> <Authtoken> <LocalEnvironmentHostname> <LocalModuleVersionId> <LocalEnvironmentId> <ForeignEnvironmentHostname> <ForeignModuleVersionId> <ForeignEnvironmentId> <LocalEnvironmentName> <ForeignEnvironmentName> <BaseModuleVersionId>
-openApp <appId> <appName> <packageUrl>
-openFromUrl (<.osp url> <eSpaceName> -connect) <hostName> <userName> <password>
-openModuleFromUrl (<url.oml>)|(<url>)|(<url?resourcename=.oml>)
-recover <espace.oml> [<lastSavePath>]
-refresh <eSpace.oml> <verify.xml> <hostName> <userName> <password> [<productKey>]
-removeChangeTracking <eSpace.oml> [<productKey>]
-runTests <eSpace.oml>|<eSpaceKey> <output.xml> <hostName> <userName> <password> <tests>
-sd <localESpace.oml> <foreignESpace.oml> <diffTextFile.txt>
-showApp <applicationKey> <applicationName> <hostName>
-silentrecover <espace.oml> [<savePath>]
-structuralDiff <localESpace.oml> <foreignESpace.oml>
-structuralMerge <localESpace.oml> <foreignESpace.oml> [ <baseESpace.oml> ]
-u <eSpace.oml> [<verify.xml>] [-connectToServer <hostName> <userName> <password>] [<staticEntities.xml>] [<productKey>] [<serverDatabaseProvider>] [<externalDatabaseProviderKeys.xml>]
-uu <eSpace.oml> [-connectToServer <hostName> <userName> <password>] [<productKey>] [<serverDatabaseProvider>] [<externalDatabaseProviderKeys.xml>]

I do know -downloadAndOpen will allow you to launch Service Studio to a particular screen, which is convenient for fixing bugs.

Yes, I'm looking everywhere I can to help us automate deployments within the SAME environment. or to our Personal Area, but they've all been dead ends, sadly.

Dear PJ M

As Rodrigo said those parameters are for internal use.

Have you looked into Lifetime API?

Also, please refrain from digging up old threads.


João Heleno


That tone will not get you anywhere. I'm locking this thread to prevent further derailment.