[Now Plugin Card_io] Issue about cvv field

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Published on 2015-12-30 by RUG
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Published on 2015-12-30 by RUG

Dear team

When user not input cvv on iPhone, we will got following error

  Input string was not in a correct format

After debug we found the reason. Because cvv attribute in CreditCardInfo_native is defined as integer.

So when deserialization,  empty string can not be converted to integer and cause error.

To fix this problem, we changed the data type of cvv from integer to Text. 

And then we found another problem.

The name of attribute of json is set as ccv on Android. 

iOS:  {"cardType":"XXX","expiryMonth":6,"expiryYear":2021,"postalCode":"","cvv":"","redactedCardNumber":"••••••••••••1010","rawCardNumber":"xxxxxxxxxxxxx"}

Android: {"rawCardNumber":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxx","cardType":"XXX","redactedCardNumber":"•••• •••• •••• 1010","expiryYear":2021,"expiryMonth":6,"ccv":"","postalCode":""}

Could you please check it !

Best Regards