Hello Team,

We have around 82 applications and among them I am facing problem for one application.

After making any edits and saving it to database, values are getting stored in database. However updated values are getting lost after few hours and it's showing old values. In same table I have "Last Updated Date Time" field which is getting updated whenever user makes edit but that value is not getting lost.

Also I have import functionality which updates values in database from excel. When I imports any data it gets updated into database and we can see updated data in application but after some time updated values get lost but "Last Updated Date Time" field don't get lost.

Please advice what can be the possible problem. Any problem at database side?

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hi Suraj,

This is a really strange scenario, but considering the "LastUpdate" isn't being changed, I'd say it's applicational rather than a DB issue.

I'd start by checking where the database is being updated, with special attention to timers (also check any timers that run on publish). If you created an abstraction over the database, be sure to log any accesses to the API.

If the application is not too complex, I can look at it with a fresh pair of eyes to see if I spot anything. Just DM me the app.

Best of luck,

Hi Suraj,

Did you find any solution. am also facing the same issue, In my case

I have button(in webblock) and ,On clicking that button am updating one entity and at the end am using commitTransation action also. till here updated data is there in Entity.  At the end i have notified parent of this web block after that notify action completed data is rolled back.

Any idea? why it is happening ?

Thanks & Best Regards

Ramakrushnarao Seera  

Hi Ramakrushnarao,

You just replied to a topic that's 2.5 years old, with a question that's very likely not related at all. Please start a new topic, thanks.