anyone can point me out how to create a survey with several questions within outsystems10,please?

just to expand my task: my company has got many surveys we actually call them questionnaires (159) and they are used 1000 times each day so questions and answer must be stored  into same table.we use same logic into a system and we would like to replicate it into a tablet to run them into tablets.

Many thanks


Hi Hermes,

I'm not sure where your problem lies in not being able to use OutSystems for this. If I were to create such a system, these are the steps I'd take:

  1. Create the datamodel to hold the survey, the questions and the answers. For the survey, you need a master entity that has a description etc. For the questions, you need an entity for the question itself (with a foreign key to the survey) and the type of answer (e.g. free text or multiple choice), and in the case of multiple choice, the possible answers to pick from (another entity, with a foreign key to the question). For storing the answers, I would create a master entity that holds information on the person taking the survey (foreign key to the survey and to whatever entity holds the user info), and an at least two entities for holding the answers: one for plain text answers (foreign keys to the master answer entity and the question), and one for multiple choice answers (foreign keys to master entity, question, and answer).
  2. Create a management screen to manage the surveys (edit, create, delete).
  3. Create a management (detail) screen to manage the questions for a survey.
  4. Create a management screen (or it can be the same screen as 3) to manage multiple choice answers for questions that are multiple choice.
  5. Create a survey screen that uses the datamodel to display the questions, and registers (saves to the database) the answers.

Hope that helps.

Kilian Hekhuis wrote:

Hello Kilian,

thanks for this. i am realizing that i need to create a different data model that the one we used in another system(star model) and use entity relationship instead.Your solution is giving a clear idea. now i have to put in practice and see if i can sort out this survey issue out.

many thanks


Hi Hermes,

Good to hear I gave you some ideas :). If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to ask them.

Hi Hermes,

In the forge you have this component it can help you to start.

Nuno Rolo wrote:

Hi Nuno,

thank you very much. I have got Outsystems 10 and cannot open this file. is this normal?

"cannot open this" -> what happens? Do you see an error message? If so, what is it?

Kilian Hekhuis wrote:

Hi Kilian,

when click open file Outsystems 10 is lookin for file *.oap this survay is *.osp. Thank you very much By the way 

Hi Hermes,

You can publish OSPs via Service Center.

When you go to install the file, where the dropdown is to search for .oap files, click the dropdown and select .osp.  You can then select the Survey application.

Hope this helps,


I need someone to guide me in creating a survey

Hi Nelson,

First, you are replying to an almost three year old topic. This is considered bad form, especially since you are not directly responding to anything that has been said before. Secondly, asking for guidance on "creating a survey" is like asking for guidance on "programming". This is not the right site for that. This forum assumes at least some experience with programming, and some experience with OutSystems. If you have neither, you should not try to create surveys, your skills are just not up to par.

I'm going to close this topic. If you have actual questions other than "please do my work for me", you're welcome to start a new topic.