How do I add 'X-Frame-Options' directive. 

How do I add 'X-Frame-Options' directive. 


Hi, we have an AWS cloud based JAVA installation of Outsystems and I am looking at how we can restrict Outsystems applications being embedded in an iframe in other applications.

I know we can use the 'frame-ancestors' and/or the 'X-Frame-Options' directives to achieve what we need and I have successfully managed to get the 'frame-ancestors' one to work through the  Platform security settings (Content-Security-Policy). However this works on Chrome, but doesn't work in IE.

So to solve, I want to also use the 'X-Frame-Options' directive and understand that it can be added via the 'Factory Configurations' module (from the Forge). I have downloaded Factory Configurations and tried updating the using the Shared Configurations, but without success. 

Has anyone tried this before, and can advise me on what to do.