eSpace property "User Provider module" - what is meant with "(Current eSpace)"?


Can someone explain what does the "(Current eSpace)" option mean when you select the "User Provider" of your eSpace? What is the implication if you choose this option?

The documentation states the following, which explains some of it to me, but not all:

User Provider eSpace

Indicates the module that provides end-users to this module, enabling the end-user to authenticate once, in one module, and gain access to the any unified module. Select end-user provider from the modules in the list; by default its the module itself.

So where is my question coming from... When will I use "(current espace)"?

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Hi CJ,

All users are stored in the User entity, but that table has a hidden attribute, Tenant_Id, that holds an eSpace-Id. The "User provider" you select in an eSpace makes all requests to the User entity apply an extra filter on Tenant_Id. This makes it possible to have different log-ins for different applications, for example.

As for you question when you'd use it, the answer is "probably never".

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your reply.

I.e it only applies if your espace is doing something with "user features" (user entity, GetUserId(), Check...Role(), etc)?

My scenario:

I have an espace containing re-usable UI widgets. I don't reference/use any "user features" in this module.

I want the module to be "user provider independent" to allow applications (linked to different user providers) to reuse it.

My question:

What should I use as the espace's "User Provider module"? Or does it not matter because I'm not using any "user features" in the module anyway? I thought choosing "(current espace)" would somehow indicate it's "user provider independence".


Hi CJ,

Apologies for the late reply. You can leave it at "(current eSpace)", or set it to the Users eSpace. It doesn't matter as long as you do not login via the eSpace.


Hi Kilian,

That was my thinking too.

Thanks for your help!