[Dublin Template] How to open modal pop using modal wigdet

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Published on 25 Jan (4 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 25 Jan (4 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D

version: 10.0.609

I have one container which should open on click on a button with input parameter as text I have entered in text box.

Please provide detailed steps. 

I have taken modal widget but pop up content displayed on main page instead of pop up and togglemodal action is not working

Hi Jayesh,

In Modal Pop Up, in Title or message area, you have taken an expression in which you might have bind the variable which is used in input box where you have entered the message. Then on click of a button you might have called the toggleModal action. If you have followed the above steps then definitely it must be appeared.

Please let me know if it helped you.


Manish Jawla