Define Role access to a mobile app

Im new here, so apologies if it seems like I am asking the obvious question.

I want to set a condition that for 'CustomerManager', he should be able to see a link, others should not be.

I add a IF block to the menu item, but I am unable to see the in built role functions. Am I missing something?

Hi Tanveer,

Did you find a solution to your question? Here's my take on your issue:

The Check<YourRole>Role actions/functions are only available server-side, this means fine-grained role-checking needs to go through the server. Your screens can still be restricted to certain roles though, by checking the appropriate boxes.

If you must use fine-grained role-checking, then you'd have to create a new Server Action that then uses the Check<YourRole>Role Action to check the user permissions. You can call this newly created Server Action from a Client Action.

Be careful though, this role-checking mechanics would force the app to be online every time a role-check is performed, as your app would be calling a REST endpoint on the server.


Hi Tanveer,

Henrique just pointed out to me there is a way of doing fine-grained role-checking roles.

You can use the OutSystems JavaScript API to perform the checks. You just need to add a JavaScript tool on a Client Action and invoke the checkIfCurrentUserHasRole function as explained in the Documentation.