[Signature] Return strokes using Signature

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Published on 2018-12-27 by RUG
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Published on 2018-12-27 by RUG

Is it possible to record the strokes made by the users? The movement on x and y co-ordinates I mean.


You mean, using the Signature component?
As it is, no, it isn't.

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Saurav,

To get the strokes, you need to modify the Component:

  • Open the Signature module
  • Edit the Javascript property of the jSignature webblock
  • In the line where it is:
$('#' + this.textbox).val(this.signObj.jSignature('getData'));

change it to 

$('#' + this.textbox).val(this.signObj.jSignature("getData", "svgbase64"))
  • That will get you the strokes instead of the image
  • Publish it and use it in your module


I have not tried it. I'm basing the above information on the documentation for the jSignature jQuery plugin:


You can also get other type of data besides the bitmap or the svgbase64 (see the above link).