[FabricPlugin] Not able to see crash report for iOS in Fabric dashboard.

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Published on 2017-10-31 by Experts
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Published on 2017-10-31 by Experts

Hi All,

Platform: iOS and Android 


  • Not able to view crash report for iOS devices. (Same crash is available on Fabric Dashboard for Android devices.)
  • Crash reports are not real-time basis (As proclaimed). Able to view Reports for Android devices after some interval and sometimes it is never reported to Fabric Dashboard at all. (Note: Always connected to Internet)

I've used Following Client Actions of Fabric Plugin inside a Global Client Actions - (SendCrashlyticsReport):

 SendCrashlyticsReport is Called from Common/OnException.

In order to crash App, I've created a button and on clicking this button, app crashes.

Am I in right Path? Someone please Guide.
Thanks in advance.