Disalbe Upgrade Message

Disalbe Upgrade Message


Is it possible to disalbe the "Your application has been updated to the latest version" message?

Hi Preuter,

Really it needed, I also thinking to do same thing in the past..

Thanks for your question and let me also try to find some solutions. 


Rajat Agrawal

Hi Matthias,

I'm assuming you're talking about mobile.
Don't know if it is possible to disable the message, but imho, I would say it is a bad idea. 

As a user, I like to know when an application I have in my mobile is updated.
As by default, the OutSystems applications, being hybrid, can be updated without requiring to go the store (most of the time), I think the message is very important.

Could even rise some ethical issues. But them, the automatic update should be configurable also (with the option for the application to refuse to start without the update, of course).

Eduardo Jauch