[Signature] Saving Image and Writing Back to Originating App from Weblock Usage

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Published on 2018-12-27 by RUG
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Published on 2018-12-27 by RUG

Hi Guys,

I like the design of this, however, I am failing to see when a signature is written on a weblock the mechanism to save it and write it back to the original app.

Basically, I am going to accept signatures for forms and then write them back with html text to create a .pdf record to keep with a file. I will need to do this cross apps so it will need to be a weblock, but I can't sort out the mechanism to do these later steps.

I did download the sample, which is helpful with implementation of the weblock but not so much with the save and response mechanism. Does anyone have a generic oml with this function in it or any suggestions on where I could find documentation of the process?



Looking at the sample app, you'll see that the Signature is associated with a hidden Input Widget... an Input Widget where the "Style Classes" property has been set to Hidden.

If you remove that Style Classes setting and set the Width of the Input Widget to (fill parent) - just to see more - you'll see that the Signature is converted to a base64 image string.

The hidden input field can be any of your input fields... just make sure the input field has the Name property set because it's Id is used for the Signature Webblock.  The SignatureFlow Webblock has an input parameter named ImageInputId.  In the example this is set to ImageInput1.Id where ImageInput1 is the Name of the hidden Input Widget.

Below is a screenshot of the ImageInput1 Input Widget... un-hidden.

Very nice control, by the way.