[jQuery UI Drag and Drop and Sort] Not staying where I drop it

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Published on 2018-02-12 by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 2018-02-12 by Carlos Alfaro

Hi there,

I am experiencing something weird.  I am dragging my "draggable" item to the "droppable" location, but after the drop, the <span> tag gets some inline styling that pushes the item away from where it was or is supposed to be..

<span id="The_OS_Named_ID" class="ui-draggable ui-draggable-handle" token="14" style="position: relative; left: 254px; top: -17px; display: inline;">

How do I get rid of this as the only way for me around it at the moment is to do a redirect to the page, which is messy as you may well know.  Here is the result

Dragging the "draggable" item to the relevant "droppable" section;

after dropping;