[Screenshot Plugin] Doesn't load plugin

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Published on 2018-03-02 by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 2018-03-02 by Carlos Alfaro

When I try to use it, it says that the plugin is not loaded. Is there a setting that I'm missing?

Using Service Studio 10.0.810.0.


Are you using OutSystems Now? This plugin is not supported on OutSystems Now, only as a native app.

Thank you.


I'm testing it on my android phone.  I've also tried to just wrap the cordova-screenshot plugin in a module in my project, but it wont' recognize the plugin either.  


For instance, this is always false 

$parameters.isAvailable = !!window.cordova && !!navigator.screenshot

although !!window.cordova is true.

This is the declaration I put in Extensibility Configurations

    "plugin" :{
        "url" : "https://github.com/gitawego/cordova-screenshot"

I re-referenced the dependency, re-published my project, and then reinstalled it on my phone; looks like it is working now.  Sorry for the confusion.

Nice plug-in.

Hello again,

Thank you for your self-debugging work, it's great that you got it working!

If you kneed any more help, just ask.