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Published on 03:32 (7 hours ago) by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 03:32 (7 hours ago) by Leonardo Fernandes

Hi folks,

After identify that sometimes we need to see some example configurations to make our job easier when configuring the IdP I have created this post to share mine.

I have made the configurations for Azure and OneLogin which you can find them below so I could test the component itself, nevertheless, please take into consideration that you should go through the given documentation on the component itself so you can feel more comfortable to proceed with the configurations.

AZURE Configuration 

Please follow the steps presented in the following link from their own documentation to fully configure it.

Also, in the next images, you can see what were the values that I used to configure my own IdP.

For the IdP itself, you have the following images to see what was my setup.

OneLogin Configuration 

Below you can find my OneLogin configurations with the necessary fields fulfilled to work properly.

Next, you will be able to check my IdP Configurations made in the OutSystems application.

Finally, please feel free to reach out in case you experience any issues, have further questions or identify any issue, and I'll try to share my experience on the matter and help you.

Best Regards,

David Farinha