Connect to local sql server


I am new to outsystems. I am trying to create database connection to my local sql server database.

My local sql db is configured for windows authentication.

How can we create DB connection in Outsystems environment

Hi Raj,

Welcome to OutSystems! With "local" you mean "on my development computer"? The OutSystems software runs on a server, either in the cloud or on-premise. If you want to connect to a database running on your pc, that server must be able to access it. Note this might create a security problem.

Also, in what way do you want to connect to it? There are tables in the database you want to access? In that case, you'll also need to expose those via Integration Studio.

Hi Raj,

I think you can't access data base which has been configured in your local windows machine. 

Since when you open your personal environment it connects to your cloud environment. The outsystems service studio working in your windows machine it doesn't mean it is connected to your local windows machine.

If you want  connect to data base which external to your OS cloud application. Please look into below link it may helps you.


Ramakrushna Rao Seera