[Dublin Template] Dublin Theme - Template . Menu Horizontal Growth

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Published on 11 Sep by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 11 Sep by OutSystems R&D

Hey there, is there any classes or feature within Dublin that would let me have its menu growing horizontally instead vertically (speaking about sub menu itens and eventually sub sub menu items)

Thank you!

Hi Bernardo,

As far as I know, the menu in Dublin is as it is. :)

But you can opt for a different template (like Lisbon), or you can replace the Menu web block with one made by yourself.

You can also try to change the CSS used in the menu to achieve your requirement, but it seems to me that it will require a good understanding of the template and CSS, not to mention time to do it.

Hope this can help you take a good decision on how to tacle your requirement.


Hi Eduardo,

For the assignment my team is working on we decided building a new theme based on Dublin, mainly for the side menu. The only problem is Id like to expand horizontal when you click on a menu item instead of expanding vertically like it does by default. Lisbon Template kinda goes agaisnt what was designed by the design team which is why im posing this question :D.

Thanks for the swift reply!