My action is a continues listener(webservice call) which will always waits for an event to happen.For example  we will have a camera which always waits for a person to come in front of it. when ever person detected my action should perform some set of operations. 

To make this happen my action should run with no time gap because of which I can't have  end activity in the action.   Now it is working properly but the problem is for every 1hour thread gets aborted and Logging Error for every 1hour in servicecentre.

I want to how to prolong this 1hour to 12 hours and where can i set this. we are looking for the solution to avoid log the Thread aborted exception in servicecenter

we tried to do it as shown in the screen shot but, It is not considering the 12hours and giving exception for every 1hour as "System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted".

Hi Ganesh,

Though I understand your usecase, this is not something you can or should want to solve like this. You're saying your are continuously polling a REST service to get information? If so, isn't it possible to have the web cam (or other device) send some signal to a REST service you expose?

If polling is really the only solution, I'd just have a Timer that waits a certain amount of time (say 10 minutes) and polls with intervals, then after a set amount of time restarts itself (using the Timer's Wake Action). This will mean that during a short interval the Timer is not running, but I assume that if the REST API you're consuming has polling as the only option, it will buffer any events so this shouldn't be too big of a problem.


We've already discussed how this is BAD, and you shouldn't do it. And I've also provided you with some possible alternatives... quite similar to what Kilian is proposing, btw. Please refrain from creating multiple posts with the same content.

In light of the above, I'm closing this topic. Thanks Jorge for the follow-up.