[OutSystems Sample Data] How to use, and / or view OutSystems Sample Data component in Forge
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
Published on 28 Dec 2020

Any documentation on how to use this?  I just installed it from the forge but, have no idea how to get at this data, or how to find, use it?

Thank you

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Hi Jorge.

OutSystems Sample Data is a module that is automaticaly installed with the new version of the platform.

When creating a new screen based on the new Screen Templates, the reference is added to your application and the screen you created is populated with the sample data.

This way you can instantiate a screen, publish it and see it working.

Similar to the OutSystems UI modules, it is a system module and cannot be changed.

However, you can export the original data, change it and import it back to use in your applications.

To do this, you can access the Sample Data Backoffice at <your_environment>/SampleData/  and go to the Data Management tab.

You can also find access by going to <your_environment>/ServiceCenter, search for Sample Data and click 'Open in Browser'.

You can add the reference to any application and use the provided Data Module to implement or test any use case that suits you.

Hope you find this helpful.


Rui Mendes

Jorge Guerreiro
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Hi Rui, this is an excellent feature.  Can we add this description to the forge alongside of this component?  I am sure others will benefit from this content.

Thank you!

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hi their,

I am quit new on Outsystems. I see a lot of nice things for me/us in the contact center market.
Like this example of showing simularity of Dbase records as frame.

I tried to update the data. Did this several times but nothing change. Can you advice me what went wrong?

Regards, Rogier