How to integrate Cisco Jabber in OutSystems

Hi Team,

I want to configure Cisco Jabber.

Can you please guide me.



What do you expect from us exactly? 

Do we automatically know what Cisco Jabber is?

How do you want to integrate it?

Do you have documentation/API's for it?

I am trying to be polite here, but you really should do your homework first and try to do it yourself.

If you happen to get stuck on one technical point we might be able to help you.

This is not the way to get answers.

Good luck!

Hi Jitendra,

I agree with J, this is not the way to ask questions. You've been on the forum for a while, so you should know by now. I'm closing this topic, if you'd like to try again, please create a new topic, this time with more information.