Outsystems Cloud IP


We are trying to create a SQL server instance in AWS and would like to know the IP addresses of outsystems development and test environment so that we can white-list the IP addresses. Is it possible or do we need to create VPN?

Hey Prasad,

In LifeTime, you should be able to see all of the server's direct hostnames.  You can ping each of these to get their IP address.

Alternatively, you can submit a support ticket to request this information.

Hope that helps!

Hi Craig,

Are these static IP address. I know for personal environment they are dynamic, just wanted to confirm if the enterprise version is dynamic or static.


To the best of my knowledge, they are static, but I suggest confirming with support to be 100% confident.

Hi there,

For any of you that may stumble upon this thread, please find the answer at our documentation.