Unsolicited upgrade of the Personal Environment


Without notice my PE have been upgrade from the version 10 to 11. 

There is a way to revert it to the version 10? I use it as sandbox of my Enterprise version (that keeps been version 10)


I hope there is a way. I have the same issue

That's it Raymond !

Same here.

Thanks Abilio. I think there is many more interested in one solution. ! 

Sorry everyone, but no. There is no way to go back to 10 or any other version. It is irreversible. You are given a free server to test the latest and best version of OutSystems. Not to be your personal or corporate sandbox of a deprecated version.

If your enterprise is in 10, you should schedule an upgrade. If you don't want to do it soon and your enterprise subscription needs a sandbox, you should add another development server.

This question appears every day and every year around this time. Please read the information about PE. There is no SLA on want OutSystems provides. Your options are simply to use it or not to use it. To have a server you control you had Community version, but that has been gone for many years.

The upgrade was unsolicited, but you have been warned a month before a new version was coming. Your options are to move sooner or later. There is no never.

I once worked in a company with two OS versions and it was a nightmare. For OS to keep everyone's favorite version would be the end of the PE program for sure.

Thanks Nuno for your replay.

Neverless is a pity!!. Because it was very useful.