[Advanced Filter Builder] [Advanced Filter Builder] FAQ / Guide
Forge component by João Pêgas
Published on 15 Jan 2019

Hello Community,

During these last years while helping to maintain this component I’ve got several questions regarding its configuration and usage.

Advanced Filter Builder, It is a widget that allows the end user to build the filter criteria by the use of extended set of conditions, can be used in lists or advanced reports.

How-To add it to your application?

1 - Download and Install within your environment the Advanced Filter application

2 - Clone to your module the action "UserList_InitializeValues" inside the AdvancedFilter module under the folder "ActionsToBeCloned", and customize it as your needs.

This action is the one that feeds the fields that will be used within the Advanced Filter, you can follow the example within the action.

3 - On your module/page where you will add the Advanced Filter widget, copy+paste the preparation logic within the sample pages "User_SQL_Example" or "User_Oracle_Example" as per your stack

4 - The Query "GetUsers" is the example we used, so that's the base you will need to replace with your data tables, as you can see below we're using the Users table per our example.

5 - Bind your Table Records or widget in use the query changed on point 4

6 -  Pull to your page the Advanced Filter Builder and pass the Record List you created within the ouput of the action cloned on point 1

7 - After following the points above you should be able to successfully add the Advanced Filter to your application.

Hope it helps in your developments!

Kind Regards,

João Pêgas.