[OutSystems UI Web Style Guide Preview] Oustystems UI Web

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Published on 5 Nov by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 5 Nov by OutSystems R&D

Hi, it looks like the latest release of Outsystems UI Web was done for this package - when will this package be compatibled with Outsystems UI Web 1.5.2?

From Outsystems UI Web release notes -

What’s new (1.5.2)

Fixed issue:

  • Fixed an issue with Service Studio preview of UI patterns introduced on the last release.

Hi Chad,

Some components released by OutSystems that are related to OutSystems UI are released in a package to make sure all references are up do date, since these components are not editable after installing.

The Style Guide is "open" to be changed, since it's meant to be customized for your company brand or a custom theme you want to build. For this reason, we don't release a new version just to update references to OutSystems UI.

These kind of fixes on OutSystems UI will be also reflected on the Style Guide once you update references.