Telephony integration

We are piloting a proof of concept with Outsystems and part of this pilot would be creating a CTI application with screen pop.

I haven't been able to find any information about setting up telephony integration with Outsystems.   Does anyone have experience with this or have any suggestions about best practices?

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Hi Josh,

You can use this forge component to fulfill your requirement.


Hope this will help you

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This component looks like a module to place new outbound calls.   What I'm looking for is a way to interface with an existing Avaya call on our PBX, gather call data and create a screen pop using data from that call.

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Any update on this ?

I am interesting to integrate my application in order to receive the agents calls.

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Yes I did find a solution but it required additional software.   We purchased CDC software https://www.cdcsoftware.com/ which acts as a middle man between Avaya and Outsystems.   Essentially each call center agent you are interested in monitoring needs to be licensed with CDC using their agentID and the Telset that they will be receiving calls on.

The CDC application connects to the Avaya TSAPI server and monitors for call events for those agents and passes the event information along to our Outsystems application via a STOMP websocket.   

So we had to install and configure the CDC application and then update our in house CRM to run the javascript sends the licensing request to CDC and then sets an interval to "listen" for event notifications.

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Thank for your reply.

Is there any integration with any voip application such as zoiper?

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I do not know all of the telephony apps that CDC software is capable of monitoring.   They have a contact form that allows you to specify that information and they will reach out for a consultation though.   In our particular scenario the call arrives on the Avaya PBX and then is routed to an agent in our call center via the Avaya PBX.

CDC exposes the call data via the signaling that is sent via the websocket and we can use that to generate the screen pop for the agent in our Outsystems application.

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I'm not sure what details you need.   These are the events in chronological order

1.  Agent logs into Outsystems application triggering registration with the CDC software application.

2.  CDC software sets up a listener for that users AgentID and Telset with the Avaya PBX

3.  Outside caller contacts our toll free number via the Avaya PBX

4.  Outside caller enters authentication elements that are saved to the call data

5.  Outside caller is routed to most idle agent in our contact center.  

6.  The CDC listener sees this call event and passes the incoming call alert to the agents session via STOMP web socket.

7.  The STOMP web socket traffic contains all of the data attached to the call  (incoming caller ID, SIP signal information and any data that was saved in the self service portion of our PBX auto attendant)

8.  The CDC call data arrives as a JSON value and it is de-serialized.   In our particular use case all authentication data is written to the OS database as the caller is entering data in the self service attendant and we use the Avaya CallID as a key (since it should be unique).   We then gather that CallID from the De-serialized JSON and fetch the authentication elements via DB query and build our screen pop.