App Generation has stuck on 'Preparing to Generate Android Mobile App'

Hello OutSystems Experts

I want to Generate an Android App for the ToDo Exercise, but the Platform has since hung on the 'Preparing to Generate Android Mobile App'. I tried closing and restarting the Service Studio Program but it doesn't help. I Shut Down my laptop for 5 mins and tried logging in to see if there was a difference, but it did not help.

Can any expert help with this?

Thank you.


I'm hoping by now that the issue has resolved. If you have not, please try closing and reopening service studio. Please also check your service center https://ENVIRONMENT/ServiceCenter .  in the error logs to see if you can see an issue.

If all else fails and it is still stuck, you will have to contact support.

Hi Thabiso,

Did you get this resolved. I have just started having the same issue.




I have the same problem. 

does anyone have the solution?




That's probably a problem in Service Center triggers/timers.

If you still have this problem, open a support ticket.


Hugo Gonçalves

I Got the same issue.
There's already a solution?


I simply left my environment to go to sleep (meaning I stopped logging in the platform for about 2-3 weeks -  then created a new account to allow the other environment to sleep), after the 3weeks period I got a 'Sorry to see you go ' email from OutSystems. That email allows you to re-activate your environment which hasn't been accessed for a while. After awakening my environment, I reinstalled my apps with the supplied zipped file then I regenerated the mobile app, and the issue was resolved.

I really do not know what caused this problem - might have been a poor network connection, I don't know. But If this troubleshooting method doesn't work for any of you guys, please open Support Cases.

Kind regards.

Thanks, Sthiba. I'm Gonna try that.

Facing same issue. Is there any fast solution for it

Hi Neha, 

The fast solution is to open a support ticket.