How to prepare for the associate web developer exam?

Hi , I am trying to study for the associate web developer exam and I'm trying to figure out how to study for it, which method would guys recommend, study the outsystems documentation or do a exercise ?

Hi José,

While I think doing the exercises will train you on how to be a developer better than the videos, I found that memorising the videos is the most effective way to pass any OutSystems certification exam. The answers are usually direct quotes from training videos.

Good luck on your exam!

Every body has a different way of studying. 

When I did the Associate, I already had 3 months programming OutSystems. 

At the time, the online training were videos (that I hate) I just went through the documentations, and only look to the videos when I had some doubt. 

Also, I did a lot of tests to understand better what I was reading. 

Today videos are better in my opinion. But I still think the documentation is fundamental to better understand the platform. 

Pay attention that the exam requires more than just knowing the platform. You need to know how to use it, how to validate, how to use aggregates and how to use entities characteristics to define a good data model. Logic. Differences in life cycles. Events and how they work, etc. 

Good luck. 

I did the web development course online to prepare (in the Learn section), the OutSystems 10 version was good enough in the sense that it covered almost all subjects you needed to know to comfortably pass the exam and you could get hands on experience with the topics through the exercises, allowing you to understand the subject better. 

I'd advise doing the course appropriate for your version of OutSystems anyway. You can revisit the videos after completing the course to strengthen 'weak spots' in your memory before taking the exam, or make your own summary to study from. 

Good luck! 

Hi Jose,

I studied with official materials of OutSystems and made exercise projects on my local environment of course.

In my opinion, we can't separate them. I suggest studying the materials also create your own examples.

Hope you'll success!

With best regards,