Branching of code in OutSystems


Is the branching of the code in OutSystems possible?

e.g. I have the source code(main branch), where I will create 2 separate branch like "bug fix" branch and "Enhancement" branch so that 2 different teams can work parallel. Is this possible in outSystems?

~ Santosh.

Hi Santosh,

While you can publish to the personal area (making it possible to have multiple versions of an espace active), the merge process is simplified from what you might be used to in other source control systems like SVN and Git, and there's no way to track different branches - true branching is not possible.

Hi Santosh,

OutSystems is unlike traditional programming languages or development environment. Hence, it does not work like the way of traditional code branching. It has built-in source and version control, and you can refer to this page for illustrations on how team collaborations are done in OutSystems

That said, OutSystems generates .Net codes behind the scenes and if you still want to use traditional version control systems like SVN or TFS, you can take a look at these pages linked below for more information

Hope this is helpful. Let us know if it works for you.



Hi Santosh,

Branching is still not possible but is something that should be release this year. You can check this idea where the community is discussing it.