[Stripe] Apple iOS Appstore Publish Issue/queries while using Stripe Plugin

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Published on 1 Mar by assif_tiger
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Published on 1 Mar by assif_tiger

Greetings Folks,

Here's the guideline updated for the respective issue of iOS Appstore while using Stripe:

You can use Stripe in an iOS app. Apple accepts it when the customer can buy something which is not digital. for example, your Instagram pictures printed on a mug, a computer and so on.

But if you use Stripe for something like a subscription (like "gold access" to a revue) or to buy credits for a game, Apple will refuse the app and force you to use In-app purchase.

take a look here:

"There are a couple of different ways to integrate payments into your iOS app: Apple Pay and In-App Purchases. It’s important to understand when each option should be used.

You can use Apple Pay to sell physical goods such as groceries, clothing, and appliances. Also use Apple Pay for services such as club memberships, hotel reservations, and tickets for events. These transactions will be processed through Stripe and you’ll only need to pay Stripe’s processing fee. You can read more about Apple Pay here.

You are required to use Apple’s In-App Purchase API to sell virtual goods such as premium content for your app, and subscriptions for digital content. Specifically, Apple’s developer terms require that the In-App Purchase API must be used for digital “content, functionality, or services” such as premium features or credits. If you use the In-App Purchase API, the transactions will be processed by Apple, which will charge a fee of 30% of the total transaction."

Ref Stripe Forum: https://stripe.com/docs/mobile/ios#using-stripe-and-apple-pay-vs-in-app-purchases

Hope it helps,