Extract to action: add scope option?

I'd love to see the 'Extract to action' having a submenu splitting the extract into

  • local scope: generates logic as a sub-logic to the parent logic, restricting it's 'callable' scope. Perferabbly creating a logic tree instead of flat list in the dev environment.
  • module scope:  current functionalliy
  • Both would generate logic which defaults to private logic

Some actions you want to break into pieces to keep them nice and simple, yet they are not always reusable in other logic. This, to me would make the actions list so much more 'orderly'.

As suggested, this was entered as an idea in:  https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/7600/extract-to-action-add-scope-option

Hello Dirk,

That's a very interesting idea! Please add it to ideas!

Better there than here in the forum!