[pdfJS Viewer] PDFjsViewer support for reactive apps

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Published on 2019-06-19 by Eduardo Jauch
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Published on 2019-06-19 by Eduardo Jauch

Hi, can someone help me or have any idea I can use this on a reactive application?




To make it work on reactive should not be a big problem, but it requires some work and testing. 

I am dealing with an issue next week, and if everything goes well, I should be able to implement a reactive version of it. 


Hello Majoy,

I am happy to announce I just uploaded a new pdfJS component, a port of the Web version for the Reactive applications.

It is still in development, so, if you find any issues, please, let me know.

the link to the new component is this one: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/Component_Overview.aspx?ProjectId=7529