[App Version Plugin] UIWebView Warnings while submitting to the App Store
Forge component by David Pereira Cruz
Published on 13 May 2020

Some people using this plugin and submitting their apps to the App Store may have received warnings regarding the usage of the "UIWebView" deprecated API:

The warning means that any new mobile apps submitted starting April 2020 will not be accepted if they have references to this deprecated API. In the original announcement, Apple also placed a deadline for updated mobile apps for December 2020.

Starting with MABS 6.1, OutSystems has removed all references to UIWebView on generated mobile app code. Additionally, all supported plugins were updated themselves not to have these references. That being said, all other plugins must be revised to ensure no other references to UIWebView remain.

This plugin was updated to ensure these references were removed and a new version was made available, currently placed "under development".

If you have any problems using this new version, please reach out to us via this forum post!