[PWA Camera & Microphone] Image Width and Height not being set

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Published on 12 Mar by Ruben Goncalves
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Published on 12 Mar by Ruben Goncalves

Hi Ruben, how are you?

I am doing a Reactive Web PoC with this component in order to use the Camera from the device (by device i mean laptop, tablet, ...).

I am struggling when it comes to set the width and height of the captured image. Even though i am setting the Image Width to 1980 and Image Height to 1080 on the options, the output is always on VGA resolution (640x480).

The picture taken lacks a lot of details if i want to take a picture of an invoice, for instance.

Am i doing something wrong?

Cheers mate!

Hi Pedro,

I'm sorry for the late reply. It completely fell thru the cracks.

Were you able to solve it?