[ZXing Services] 2D Data Matrix with ISO/IEC 15434 syntax
Forge component by André Vieira
Published on 11 Oct 2018

We are in the process of implementing functionality to allow our suppliers to print labels from an external OutSystems web app. 

The labels are required to contain a Data Matrix 2D barcode following ISO/IEC 15434 syntax. We are generating the label on a web screen where the Data Matrix 2D barcode is a dynamically generated image on the generated label.  The users (suppliers) will then use their default browser print functionality to print the labels to whatever printer(s) they have installed on their PC.  

The ISO/IEC 15434 barcode specification defines a header, group separator and trailer to use when encoding data in a barcode for specific purposes. The <RS>, <GS> and <EOT> are non-printable ASCII Functions.

We were hoping that the ZXing Services Plugin could generate the Data Matrix 2D barcode that we needed.  However, ZXing Services only has the following encoding options: UTF8, ISO88591, and Shift_JIS.  We have tried all of these encoding options but cannot get the non-printable characters in the generated Data Matrix to be encoded properly.

Can anyone tell me if the ZXing Services Plugin is capable of generating a Data Matrix 2D barcode with ISO/IEC 15434 syntax?

Or does anyone know if there are any OutSystems plugins that have barcode printing functionality that supports the ISO/IEC 15434 syntax?

We are running OutSystems Version 11.8.1 (Build 12498) and Service Studio Version 11.7.9 (Build 20883).

 Thanks so much!