[System Monitor] Nice app! One small question/suggestion

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Published on 21 Jun by AIfusion Labs
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Published on 21 Jun by AIfusion Labs

Thanks for putting this together! Very similar to a piece of code I was looking to build as well, while it doesn't have anything in it that I was not sure how to do, it is good to see other people thinking about the same problems and putting their solutions up on the Forge. :)

One quick question that may be a suggestion... in the "ErrorLogScan" Action of SystemMonitor_CS, I see there's a loop with an If in there. I was wondering, why not put this into the "getErrorLast15Mins" query as a "like" operator? That will be better performing because the DB will be able to use more than 1 core to process that, and it will reduce the size of the result set sent to the client. In an environment with a low usage rate that likely won't matter much, but in an environment with a ton of use, I suspect this will make a difference.

Thanks again for taking the time to put this together! I might request to join the team and participate in this project. :)