[OutSystems Sample Data] Where did the OutSystems SampleData Module go?

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Published on 6 Oct (2 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 6 Oct (2 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D

Hi Guys,

I have just updated the OutSystems Sample Data to the latest version but, unfortunately, that led to having the module OutSystems Sample Data to be broken due to database changes that were performed.

Looking into the OAP file that was downloaded, it contains only the SampleDataDB module. As OutSystems Sample Data is a supported application, i can't event open the SampleData module in order to refresh and solve the broken references.

Where can i find the latest OutSystems Sample Data module version?


Pedro Domingues

Hi Pedro,

I tested to update this component to the last version and have some changes on some entities.

Did you try to update the OutSystems UI Web Screen Templates after to update this?



Hi Luis,

The problem is not on Reactive Templates, as i've explained on my post.

The OutSystems Sample Data component used to be composed by 2 Modules: the DB and the UI (let's call ir like this).

The latest version introduced changes on DB module that broke that UI module but the UI module is no longer part of the Solution. If you download the latest version and unzip the content you'll see that.

How can i solve this issue if the UI module is protected?

Hi Pedro,

Do you need that UI? because from the release notes that was deleted from this component. You can also delete it from your environment.



Hi again Pedro,

I know that is for Traditional. The link that I sent is for Screen Templates for Traditional. 

About the module of UI, you are right. The module is not present in the last version 

As you can see that on the release note:

"The backoffice to reset and bootstrap data was also removed, and therefore, there are now no dependencies to OutSystems UI Web.

  • Note: data can still be reset and bootstrapped using the provided timers."

To change the UI you can open a clone:


Hi Pedro,

There was a problem on this release, and there are new versions of the OutSystems UI and Sample Data applications being uploaded in the next couple of hours.

Regarding this issue in particular, you can delete the current version on your environment and perform a new install, this way the removed module will actually be removed.

My regards


Hi Dinis ... unfortunatley I updated my environment before your update

Now I'm stuck with this situation ...

Hi Luca,

You can delete the current Sample Data application from your environment and install the new one from the Forge, this way, the removed module will no longer exist.

Let me know if you have any issues doing this.

My regards