[PWA PushWoosh Sample] Pushwoosh Web SDK is being loaded again on navigation.

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Published on 23 Apr by Ricardo Costa
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Published on 23 Apr by Ricardo Costa

Hello Ricardo,

I think the script which initialise the Pushwoosh Web SDK on "layout" web blocks "Oninitialise" event is loading multiple time whenever we navigate to notification page manually or if we click the "Notifications" menu . 

As you can see in below screenshot, i clicked "Notifications" menu 3 times and 3 instances of "Pushwoosh-web-notifications.js" are created, 

Hence creating another error as "ClassList" shown as shown in below screenshot is logged.

I have implemented this component to my app where same error is being logged to each and every page when we navigate to it and creating n numbers of SDK initialisation instances in the head section.

Ricardo, could you please provide an fix for this asap.


Nitesh Ahirwar