[OS_TextEditor] Assign existing string to OS_TextEditor text box
Forge component by Experts
Published on 02 Oct 2019


Thank you for this component! It’s exactly what I need, but if someone could help answer this question it would be perfect.

I am integrating the OS_TextEditor in my application, and I am trying to pre-populate the text box with a saved string created previously with this component.

I was able to set up the config list and settings successfully, and can use the tool to create the html strings that hold my free text and the text selected from the drop down, which I then save it to the database.

I can’t get the text box to pre-populate with the saved string once I refresh the page. I set the variable for the text box to the field in the table that holds the html string, but it won’t load. Has someone been able to accomplish this? If so, could they share how?

Thank you in advance!