Slack Channel for Developers

Hello, as a beginner with the Outsystems, It's really hard for us to look for an answer to the problem that we are encountering every day due to the very small community of developers using Outsystems. I suggest to create Slack channel so developers across the world can exchange answers directly and instantly. It would really a big help for us if you give attention to your community to grow.

Thank you.


This is a good idea, but the concept of the forum was lost. And if there were 50 people with the same question, you would have to answer 50 times, because to consult the questions already asked, you had to navigate the conversation, which is not very practical, and thus a repository of questions is created for those who the more you have them. However, in the companies I visited, I always took the initiative, if not, to create a group (regardless of the chat platform that existed), for developers to be able to ask quick questions, and everyone within the company to have access .



You already have Outsystems groups with that propose in social networks. Maybe you can take a look and subscribe those channels ;)

So far as I know, you have Groups in Telegram and Whatsapp for that too.

But, in, my opinion, forum is always the best choice to answer to your problems. Here you have the most accurate and expert members of our community, and, of course, Outsystems team.

But feel free to take a look! ;)

Hope this can help you.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira