Why we need to use the AL32UTF8 for Oracale Database 

"OutSystems supports Unicode for Oracle databases. To start developing with support for Unicode you need to ensure that your Oracle database is using the AL32UTF8 database character set."

In my opinion, we don't need to care about the database charset because of, the out put of DB is the character (not binary code) And if our Application need to save data to Entity, the Charset support by OutSystems will used. 

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Hi Nguyen,

I'm not sure I understood your question but I'm assuming you found that phrase here: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Reference/Configuration_Tool/Platform_Tab/Platform_Tab_in_Oracle

If that's the case this is related to the Configuration Tool that is only valid for infrastructures that are on-premises. If you are working on an on-premises environment it's important that the team responsible for the servers have the correct information to be able to correctly configure the infrastructure. That article is basically that, if anyone needs that information it's there.

If you are working in an environment within OutSystems Public Cloud that article is not important for you.

Did this help at all?

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Hi Cristiana

Thank you for your support.

your explanation is very easy to understand and it helps me very much.

I just want to confirm one more thing:

If the infrastructure configures team don't you AL32UTF8 to config (use another charset like UTF32?maybe..) oracle database.

What will happen (or impact) to my application? or the data display on my app will be broken?.

(Because my company wants to build a connection from the application was located on OS public cloud to the on-premises Oracle database. Sync data from Oracle DB to an entity on Application.)

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After a bit of asking around since this is a question more focused on the database stack, I found this: Ask Tom: Database server of Shift JIS communicate with client of Unicode encoding.

From what I could understand, Unicode has all the characters that Shift-JIS has so you shouldn't have a problem with reading data from that database.

Before making any decision just make sure that you have proper time to test this integration as this is all knowledge that I could not verify.

Hope this helps.