[OutSystems UI Reactive Style Guide Template] Update to OS UI 2.5.8?
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
Published on 01 Jul 2020

Is there a plan to update this to the latest OS UI version? or an ongoing release roadmap tied to OS UI?

As both elements are developed by OS and recommended to be used, the fact that Forge warns for incompatibility if you try to install this element & have a higher OS UI version is a concern.

If there is no roadmap, can the creators perhaps answer if it is safe to ignore this warning as the functionality will not be affected, and force install this with the current OS UI version?

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Hi Carina,

The Style Guide applications are not always updated with OutSystems UI releases simply because they are used to bootstrap new Style Guides that are customized in many different ways. Updating references to OutSystems UI or any other producer should always be done on your custom Style Guide apps.

With the current versions, you can download the Style Guide and update references manually, functionality will not be affected.

You can expect a new release in a couple of weeks with updated references to OutSystems UI and some new Screen Templates.

My regards

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Look at the lightning design system for Salesforce too. Also awesome.