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Welcome to the new OutSystems Community Forum

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new OutSystems Community Forum, created from your feedback!

We combed through all your ideas, held both in-person (pre-pandemic!) and virtual workshops, and met one on one with many of you to find out how to improve the forum for the community. A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated from submitting an idea to testing it out!

We’re excited the big day has arrived and you can now check out the new forum experience focused on helping you get the answers you need quicker and easier.

Get a preview of what’s new:

What's new:

  • Improved search and quick filters to help you find what you’re searching for right away. Our search is integrated with Google search API which enables us to create our own search engine. We customized our own look and feel and filter the results by tag. Also we benefit from the advanced algorithms which guarantees that the best search results are shown.

  • The post preview has more detail - a brief description of the post, the number of views and replies, if it has a solution and the type of post (question or discussion).

  • Posts will have now more context, so a quick scan of the results shows you the activity and marked solutions

  • Finding the solution quicker and easier, because now solutions are right at the top, and with a click you’ll find more information. Ah, and there can now be more than one solution!

  • To get a wider view of similar posts, click on a tag to see related posts and follow the tag to get notified of any activity.

  • Interactions will be smoother with threaded conversations.

  • Through the new post creation page you can ask a question or start a discussion, and add more details, like the application type, service studio and platform versions, to make it easier for the community to help. There’s also a new upload component that uploads via Javascript that allows us to post an answer without reloading the entire page.  Ah, and don’t forget to add tags related to your post, so it can be easily found by the community.

  • This experience is available in multiple devices, so grab your favorite one and check out the new forums.

  • Performance was improved, as we reviewed and fine tuned all the queries that were impacting the performance of the page, we reduced drastically the size of our CSS files and we included lazy load on the pages.

  • Last but definitely not least, have you noticed the new look & feel? Yes, we are going through a visual revamp in the entire Community and the Forum is just the beginning!

We hope you like this new experience and please share your feedback with us through a survey that will soon be available in the forums.

Oh, and if you are thinking we are done, there’s more! In the next few weeks more features will be released, like the ability to tag someone while replying to a post, alerts to remind the post’s owner to mark an answer as a solution, and more….so, stay tuned!






Amazing! One of the things that I observed (and liked a lot!) was the performance question. Much faster than the previous forum.

Congrats! Very well done!

Very nice work guys. This looks great and feel really smooth!

Amazing. Really nice work!



Nice Work & Kudos Team OS



My first impression is great !

Great work! Congratulations!

Really cool! At last, the forums receive some love.

Great work, thanks.

.Very nice improvements indeed... I liked! :)

Don't forget to leave your feedback about the new experience when you see the button like this:

Hello Jennifer/OS Team,

Since this new changes rollout, I have observed that, In my profile "Post marked as solution" is not refreshing with latest count, I got the mail though. I also observed that, even though poster marked the reply as answer those post does not have "Solved" tag in forum's main list.

Could you please look into this if it is a bug.

Kind Regards,


Hello Sanjay,

You might have your profile updated now.  Go please check it. Regarding the label "solved" in the Posts list, it depends on the google crawling of that information. Sometimes it can take a while to google crawl that information and show the label "solved" in the posts list.


Looking good


Performance is very fast most important thing I observed till now


Thanks outsystems for enhancing the features of forum, it is really helpful :)

Nice and good in look and feel..

This is great... 


Hello everyone

Very nice work on the new forums, overall the experience is well improved. There's one aspect though I would like to point out: 

Replies to posts in the form of threads are great to keep a visibilty of who's replying to what, and to reduce clutter, but sometimes it makes it harder to find the actual answers. If it could be possible to allow for an option to start with all threads expanded that'd be great.

Hi Mariano! We're working on a couple options for this to improve the experience. Thanks :)


I agree with you Mariano. It is not always easy to see the replys. 

Probably it would be nice do not exist this feature. Everybody keep post in one linear sequence.

nice improvement, but I think most of us need time to get used to this new design

Great!! Very intuitive design

Good work! Congratulations!


Great work by OutSystems Team! - Bravo :)

This is really helpful to get more precise results. Great work!

Nice improvements and good work..

Great job. We need filter for searching or getting specific area. Well-done

Great Job!!


That's an amazing improvement!! 

Nice changes... I liked! :)