[OutSystems Charts Web] highchart API Click event not fired.
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Traditional Web, Reactive
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11.8.9 (Build 30790)

highchart js API has click event as described in docs here https://api.highcharts.com/highcharts/plotOptions.series.events.click

If I extend charts by providing JSON with additional series and click event, then it does not fire. 

Outsystems's chart control event OnClick works. But with extended JSON I provide external series to a chart, and OnClick event does not fire on different series. That is why I use API click event in JSON, but it is not fired as well. But it works in jsfiddle.

Hello Dmitry,

Sorry to take so long to answer, is there any way you can share how are you providing the external series to the chart? 

This will help to replicate what you are trying to accomplish.


Bruno Martinho

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