Como exportar código fonte do projeto
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Prezados amigos.

Como consigo exportar o código HTML de minha aplicação? Obrigado.


Hi Ian,

We write English on this forum, so everyone can understand the questions and answers. So if at all possible please translate your question, thanks.

Hi, friend.

Do you need to export only the HTML? I don't think that is possible to retrieve those files, since they are storage in the OS server. The way you can do that is through the browser.


Hello Ian.

Translating for the others, the title is "how to export the source code from the project" but the question is "how to export HTML from the application".

Export the Source Code
You can't. According to the contract, you only get the source code if you choose not to stay in contract. In that case, OutSystems will give you everything you developed so you can maintain it by coding it like in the old days.
If you only need to look at the temporary code, there are already several topics explaining it here in the forum.

Export the application
You have options in Service Studio (Menu -> Module -> Export -> Save As) and Service Center (You can download Applications, Modules, Extensions or Solutions.
Still, it is not easily transferable. It is protected so people may read it, but can't publish it.

Export the HTML
OutSystems generates dynamic pages so you may not get the best result by saving the HTML.
Even so, you can create 100% static pages in OutSystems. Just write your html into a variable and make a blank page with only the content of such a variable. (that is not the best usage of a low code tool)

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