[Floor Plan] Can't create Space data
Forge component by Renato Pauleta
Published on 13 Dec 2018
Application Type
Traditional Web


I have an idea for an Application that would use some of the features from Floor Plan. I've been trying to look into how these Javascript libraries are being used, but I've run into an issue - I can create rooms, but I cannot add the necessary detail in order to make them into Spaces:

I can get the Attributes popup to open, but it's unresponsive and doesn't save data. I can also see a Javascript error when I click "edit" in order to open the popup:

This happens in the latest Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

I've tried to drill down into the JS code, but this appears to trigger within the external libraries being used for the map logic.

Has anyone encountered this before? Floor Plan would make a good base for what I'm planning, and I'd really like to reuse most of what's been developed here.