[Twilio Video Reactive] Self Video Scrambled For Pixel 3a
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I am currently using TwilioVideoReactive component on one of the projects that I'm currently working on and we noticed that the Video coming from a mobile device is scrambled when viewed to other devices. 

The said mobile device is a Google Pixel 3a (Android 11) and the said issue is only being encountered on this device.

As you could see in the images above, the user "George White" video is just showing lines on other applications (First Image is an Outsystems Reactive Web that also uses TwilioVideoReactive component, and the second image is a Native android app that uses Twilio component). The said user is the one using an Outsystems Mobile with TwilioVideoReactive component as component for it's video call funtionality. We also noticed that if the user is on a Portrait mode on its Pixel 3a device, the video is broken but if the user is on Landscape mode, the video would be fixed. 

We could like to know the following:

1. Is this a known issue?

2. Is there a fix for this issue already?

3. If there is a fix, may I know how to fix this issue?

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